Miller’s Export and More New Stuff

We’ve added some new tools and features that we think you’re gonna love! We’ve also made some changes to the Dashboard and Inspector interfaces to help you work even faster. You can learn more about these new features (as well as all the other cool things Snapizzi can do), by visiting our Knowledge Base or by clicking on the name of the tool below.


School Service Items

With one-click, Snapizzi will now assemble everything you need to submit to Miller’s Lab in order to provide School Service Items (ID cards, composites, mug books, etc.).

Add Group Photo

We’ve now made it easy for you to add a group photo to a Project and include in Subject galleries.

Include Photo Series in Another Gallery

You can now easily include a photo series in another gallery. This is useful if you’d like to include siblings or another photo series in a Subject’s gallery.

Ok, we’ll get back to building great things for you now! If you have any questions or suggestions, email We love hearing from you!



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Introducing the Studio Search Page

Snapizzi Studio Search
The Snapizzi Studio Search Page is your own branded landing page that lets you choose how customers find their photos. You can use Student ID, name, or anything you’d like that is easy for your customers to remember.

Combined with our user-defined password options, Snapizzi gives you unparalleled freedom and control over how your customers find their photos. Check out our Knowledge Base for more detailed information on these new features we know you’re going to love!

Stay tuned! We’re building more great things for you!