Snapizzi Now Works with Libris

We’re at it again! Say hello to Libris by PhotoShelter! Libris is a cloud-based, Enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform for visual media designed for businesses and organizations.

librisLibris lets you upload all of your media assets (and their metadata) from your hard drive, server, camera and mobile device right to your account with the click of a button. With unlimited contributors, your whole team can upload photos and videos to the same place, whether they’re in the office or on the go. Store and organize all of your assets in Libris so you can find exactly what you need in seconds.

How is Libris different from PhotoShelter?

While PhotoShelter Photographer accounts are similar to Libris accounts, they differ in a few key areas:

  • A Libris account may be owned by a company or institution, rather than an individual.
  • Libris accounts have a multi-user, role-based structure.
  • The Libris user interface and terminology are geared to organizations rather than photographers.
  • Libris offers a consolidated organization and permission structure, appropriate for a company.
  • Libris offers limited customization options, while PhotoShelter Photographer accounts offer a wide range of professional portfolios and customizable websites.
  • Video support is an available option for Libris accounts.


With Libris, you can easily grant access to photos and videos, and make image requests self-service. Libris makes it effortless for your team and partners to search, browse and download, which means they’ll download assets more often and help you get more ROI from your visual media library. With easy access to photos and videos, you’ll be able to take advantage of more opportunities to tell your brand’s story.

Learn more on the Libris website.

You can expect more time-saving features in the coming weeks and months. If you don’t already have a Snapizzi account, try it now with a Free 14-Day Trial.


Snapizzi Paperless Gets Smarter

We said more cool stuff was coming! And today, we’re excited to announce that our latest release includes an update to Snapizzi Paperless that you’re going to love!paperless

You can now add/edit Subject information on the fly when using Snapizzi Paperless and your Project database will automatically update — saving you more time!

This improvement is especially useful when using blank cards or when you’re capturing customer data on-site. Of course, you’ll always have the option to bulk edit your Project data if that is better for your workflow.

Paper proofing also leveled up! If your Project requires proof sheets, you’re no longer limited to 1 row of 3 images. You can now have up to 6 rows and 18 images on your custom proof sheets!


We hope you like these new additions. We’ll get back to making Snapizzi even better for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, email We love hearing from you!


User Love from Iron City Studios

Before Snapizzi, we had a lot of back office work, including renaming image files using Bridge and manually uploading our galleries. I knew I made the right choice with Snapizzi when it took us only a few minutes to do what used to take us hours!! 

Randy is the best! He is always there to answer our questions.


— Alanna Rose

User Love from John Ousby Photography

I have not had a better customer support experience with any other company — it is truly exceptional! Randy went above and beyond what was necessary to help me out, not just with his product, but with my workflow too.

If you’re a volume shooter you should really check this out!

 — John Ousby

Diagnose & Remedy Tool

Today we’re excited to announce an update which will help solve the most common oversights that occur when using Snapizzi. After processing, the Diagnose & Remedy tool will automatically check your Project for the most common known issues that users encounter. If problems are found, the button will turn red on your Project Dashboard. Clicking it will reveal the issues and instructions on how to fix them.dr4

The Dashboard will now also feature a log of all activity for each of your Projects. This will enable you to keep track of what has been done and help troubleshoot when necessary.

We hope you like these new additions. We’ll get back to making Snapizzi even better for you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, email We love hearing from you!