Finding the Unknown Holes in Your Business

Does your business sometimes feel like a leaky bucket? Listen to Snapizzi Founder, Randy dela Fuente, interviewed on the Sprouting Photographer Podcast with Bryan Caporicci. On it, Randy and Bryan discuss the importance of knowing and understanding the metrics that drive your business. And how to use validated learning to ensure that you’re consistently fine-tuning the Engine of Growth that IS your business.
Randy dela Fuente

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Being objective to look for “leaky holes” in your business.
  • Validated learning as it relates to building the vision for your business.
  • How to find your inefficiencies.
  • Knowing your numbers.
  • Being open vs. being resistant to change.
  • What you need to look at in order to know if your business is sustainable.
  • Costs, prices, assets, time spent, and all the things you need to consider.
  • Thinking about yourself as an employee in your company.
  • What being a creative means about how you can best focus your energy.
  • Making informed decisions with the right tools at your fingertips.
  • How to justify outsourcing things you need to.
You can also listen to Randy’s other appearance on the Sprouting Photographer discussing the Business of High Volume Photography.

The Sprouting Photographer podcast is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with industry experts and business specialists who share high-value, no-fluff, concrete business ideas for professional photographers.


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