Snapizzi Just Keeps Getting Better

We’re super excited to announce our latest release which added some cool new features and cosmetic changes that we think you’re going to love!


Here are some highlights of what’s new:

Message Center: We’ve refined our messaging system and relocated it to the Project page. You can now download camera cards and CSV files directly from here!

Clear Project Photos: Did you make a mistake uploading your images? You can now reset a Project as if you never uploaded photos! Any connected CSV data and generated codes are left untouched!

Change Project Options Post-Sort: Did you make a mistake setting up your Project and not catch it until sorting was complete? No problem! Simply adjust your Project options and we’ll sort it again with your new settings!

Download, Print, and Inspect Images: We made it even easier to manage your image files once they have been uploaded!

We also updated some icons and did some work under the hood of our image uploader to improve the overall performance!

We’re already back to work on the next release — including some bigger news that will be coming soon! This past month has been humbling, and we are really (really!) pleased with your response to Snapizzi.

Thank you for all your support!