Reverse Image Sorting Increases Opportunities for Photographers

Snapizzi’s matching technology analyzes your images sequentially by filename or time taken — looking for images that contain our coded camera cards. Snapizzi_ReverseSnapizzi works as long as you photograph the card before your subjects. It begins with the first image in the sequence containing one or more of the cards. Then, all photos following that image are linked to the unique 9-digit code printed on the card (which is what customers will use to order photos). It does this until it detects a new code and the process repeats itself.

However, we were recently contacted by a photographer who has a unique situation that was the catalyst for our new sorting options. She photographs Zipline riders as they come to the end of their ride and wouldn’t be able to give them the card until after photos are taken. The intermediate solution was for her to edit the filenames prior to uploading so camera cards landed before each photoset of the riders they are linked to. This way Snapizzi would work for her, but we wanted to be able to offer an easier solution.

We set out to solve this problem not only for her but for many other photographers in similar situations — and today, we’re pleased to announce that with our latest release, you can now have Snapizzi scan your photos in reverse order.

So just like above, if you’re a photographer in an environment where you’d have to shoot first, you can now easily use Snapizzi to automagically match your customers to their photos!

Saving you time and making you more money! Stay tuned! We’ve got more great stuff cooking…