100cameras: Empowering children through photography


Snapizzi is pleased to be a part of 100cameras mission to empower children through photography. Their model allows change to be full circle. 100cameras identifies marginalized communities across the globe and partners with kid-centered organizations that are successfully solving local problems. They teach kids that their stories matter, and equipped with their custom photojournalism curriculum, they aim to amplify their voices by sharing their perspectives with the world.

“If you could give a child a camera, they could tell a reality in a way that a foreigner, or even an adult, could not,” co-founder Angela Francine Bullock says.

100cameras was co-founded by four women in 2008 on the premise that a child sees the world differently than adults. They believed a child could take a camera 100Camerasinto their own community and capture stories of the world around them in ways an older or outside photographer could not. And they were confident these stories could change lives, both within the community and around the world.

The concept is simple. 100cameras staff members travel to countries armed with cameras. They partner with a local organization serving children in the community. For the next few weeks, they teach the children how to take photographs. Then they set those children free to capture their world and post the photos online. 100% of the profits go back to the children’s organizations.

Kids are empowered to not only create change now, but to continue to be the change-makers in their society into their adult years.

Here are five ways you can help 100cameras raise awareness and funds to further their mission:

1. Sign up for emails to learn more & stay in the loop.
2. Purchase a product & help change a community.
3. Adopt a camera, donate, or volunteer your skills.
4. Host a satellite fundraiser & bring 100cameras to your community.
5. Share the story of 100cameras with your community.

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Listen to a special interview with Angela Bullock and Tyler Ginter of 100cameras on This Week in Photo Podcast with Frederick Van Johnson.


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