PhotoDeck: Photography Websites with a Brain

PhotoDeck’s mission is to empower independent photographers with the best technology to market and run their business online. We sat down with PhotoDeck Founder J-F Maion to find out what makes PhotoDeck an industry-leading platform:photodeck

1. What about PhotoDeck gets you out of bed in the morning? Knowing that I’ll be able to focus 100% on keeping improving our product and serving our members, as opposed to unproductive chores like pleasing investors (we’re self-financed and profitable) or advertising (we rely on word of mouth).

PhotoDeck Founders Cedric and J-F Maion

2. What about PhotoDeck keeps you up at night? Frankly I sleep very well :D The system is apparently intuitive enough that most members seldom need to contact us. And since we focus on the long-term, we’ve made extra sure that the platform’s technical foundations are rock-solid and that we iron out nagging issues before they grow out of proportion. We haven’t had downtime in years, even for very major updates, that’s pretty unique and significant in our industry. Of course it’s not all 100% in our control so we’re touching wood, but we’re still confident.

3. What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen? Currently we’re working on mitigating the effect of a potential (although unlikely) major Amazon cloud failure (that’s where the image files are stored). That’s a good example of how far we go in securing our members’ data (and our business). We’re also working on a revamp of a major feature set, but all I can tell for now is that it should please Snapizzi users😉

4. What PhotoDeck features are you most proud of? What makes me really proud is when a member writes to tell how much PhotoDeck has made her life better or improved her business, and that can’t be pegged to a single feature.

mobile_ui5. Why should Snapizzi users choose PhotoDeck as their platform? There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to photography websites, but things that come to mind for Snapizzi users are advanced e-commerce with 0% commission, website speed (important for proofing), and of course, full responsiveness (our websites are optimized for mobile devices).

6. Anything else you’d like us to know? Use coupon code PDSNAP and get 50% off your first month in addition to the free 14-day trial (expires July 31st, 2016).

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Finding the Unknown Holes in Your Business

Does your business sometimes feel like a leaky bucket? Listen to Snapizzi Founder, Randy dela Fuente, interviewed on the Sprouting Photographer Podcast with Bryan Caporicci. On it, Randy and Bryan discuss the importance of knowing and understanding the metrics that drive your business. And how to use validated learning to ensure that you’re consistently fine-tuning the Engine of Growth that IS your business.
Randy dela Fuente

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Being objective to look for “leaky holes” in your business.
  • Validated learning as it relates to building the vision for your business.
  • How to find your inefficiencies.
  • Knowing your numbers.
  • Being open vs. being resistant to change.
  • What you need to look at in order to know if your business is sustainable.
  • Costs, prices, assets, time spent, and all the things you need to consider.
  • Thinking about yourself as an employee in your company.
  • What being a creative means about how you can best focus your energy.
  • Making informed decisions with the right tools at your fingertips.
  • How to justify outsourcing things you need to.
You can also listen to Randy’s other appearance on the Sprouting Photographer discussing the Business of High Volume Photography.

The Sprouting Photographer podcast is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with industry experts and business specialists who share high-value, no-fluff, concrete business ideas for professional photographers.


Keep 100% of Your Profits with ShootProof!


We recently announced our integration with ShootProof and would like to take a little time to tell you more about this outstanding platform! As a small team of photographers, designers, engineers, perfectionists, and customer service fanatics, the crew at ShootProof works to give its photographers a beautiful platform with which to share and sell their work. Photographers set their own prices and keep 100% of their profits; ShootProof has never charged a commission-fee and is proud to say they never will.

Because they listen to their photographers and strive to build long-lasting relationships, their services go well beyond client proofing and print sales; ShootProof provides invoicing, contact management, and mobile apps, and they deliver top-notch customer service. Their belief in simple, intuitive design and freedom of choice for photographers is what has drawn tens of thousands of photographers in over 30 countries to share and sell millions of photos with ShootProof.

We’re thrilled to share Snapizzi with the thousands of school photographers who use ShootProof for online sales. ShootProof is offering Snapizzi users 20% off of your first year’s subscription to ShootProof using the promo code SNAPIZZI16.

Go ahead and take ShootProof for a test drive—we think you’re gonna love ’em!


Key Features



Set your own prices, offer digitals and lab-printed products, manage orders quickly and easily, and NEVER pay a commission fee.


High-resolution or resized files, individual photos or an entire gallery for sale or for free…It’s your choice! Allow clients to download images directly from the gallery, or let ShootProof send the files for you automatically via email.


Collect emails with the gallery pre-registration setting and our Event Emails iPad App. You can create custom email templates and send automatic emails.


Keep full control of your products, prices, and print fulfillment. Use one of our professional labs or fulfill your own print orders: its up to you!


Impress clients with custom digital photo albums for their phones and tablets, and increase word-of-mouth referrals and brand awareness. Embed custom links and create themes that match your brand!


Showcase your clients’ images online with modern layouts, your choice of intro page, and your studio’s logo and brand colors.

ShootProofPostRead the Full ShootProof Blog Post


Introducing Snapizzi Paperless

Snapizzi Paperless


Snapizzi Paperless enables you to shoot digital versions of your Data Project Camera Cards using any web-connected device (including smartphones). It features a superfast search to help keep your workflow moving smoothly on picture day. Check it out—we think you’re gonna love it!

Stay tuned—we’re building more great things for you!


Introducing the Studio Search Page

Snapizzi Studio Search
The Snapizzi Studio Search Page is your own branded landing page that lets you choose how customers find their photos. You can use Student ID, name, or anything you’d like that is easy for your customers to remember.

Combined with our user-defined password options, Snapizzi gives you unparalleled freedom and control over how your customers find their photos. Check out our Knowledge Base for more detailed information on these new features we know you’re going to love!

Stay tuned—we’re building more great things for you!