Batch Rename Image Files and More with Snapizzi Bundles!

Hello friends of Snapizzi! Another week, another release!

We’re pleased to introduce our new bundling feature which brings unparalleled freedom and control to your high-volume photography image management and workflow. Snapizzi bundles are packaged collections of image files intended for submission to labs, schools, or any other purpose that fits your workflow.

In addition to options for resizing and renaming your image files for export, Snapizzi bundles give you the ability to organize the exported images into subfolders based on your Project data.
screenshot 2
Here’s the Knowledge Base article on how it all works. Give it a try—we think you’ll love it! Ok, we’ll get back to building great things for you now!

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Snapizzi + PhotoShelter: Welcome to an Easier High-Volume Photography Workflow

PhotoShelter_logo_green_RGB_+From picture day to order fulfillment, SnapizziPhotoShelter give High-Volume Photographers exceptional tools to simplify their workflow. Launched in 2005, PhotoShelter is one of the leading photography e-commerce platforms in the industry. They’ve amassed around 80,000 satisfied professional photographers who rely on their platform.websites-header Like Snapizzi, PhotoShelter’s features give you back time to focus on the other tasks that are important to the successful growth of your business. PhotoShelter offers you a 100+ pro-grade tools to help build a gorgeous portfolio website, and elevate your online presence

PhotoShelter is also integrated with a large (180+) global print vendor network, so you can automatically have customer orders fulfilled and sent from locations around the world.

Free Photo Guides, Webinars, and Video Tutorials

PhotoShelter has published 60+ guides to help you grow your business that PhotShelter Guidesavailable for free on their website. Whether you’re just starting out, or an experienced pro, you’ll find a wide range of topics to choose from to help you build a successful photography business.

The hours of webinars and video tutorials make it easy to learn everything from basic site organization to advanced delivering methods — and everything in between!

PhotoShelter Mobile App

Designed to help bridge the gap between your time spent inside the “office” and the life you live out in the world, the app combines the PhotoShelter features you love with the convenience of your mobile device. It’s as simple as that.

Now, you can find exactly what you need, deliver your final product, and even get notified when clients download or purchase — anyplace, PhotoShelter Appanywhere, anytime.

Get full access to your entire archive. View account stats, browse your content, and find what you need when you need it.

If you’re a High-Volume Photographer who wants to grow your online presence, have a beautiful photography-focused website design, and the ability to sell your photographs and easily manage clients, PhotoShelter is definitely a platform you should consider.

Use the promo code SNAPIZZI10 when signing up for PhotoShelter’s free 14-day trial to receive 10% off your PhotoShelter subscription. Current PhotoShelter users can also save 10% on a new Snapizzi subscription using the promo code PS10.


Paper Proofing is here!

If your school workflow includes paper proofing, you’re going to love the new feature we just added! You can now easily generate proof sheets for schools that require them. Check out the Knowledge Base article to learn more!Ok, we’ll get back to building great things for you now! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, email We love hearing from you!


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Case Study: Schoolhouse Pictures

Launched in 2008, New Jersey based Schoolhouse Pictures started out providing candid photography for schools—offeringMBHS parents great pictures that truly capture the essence of the academic journey.

Although the business was doing well, Founder and CEO, Mary Beth Kully began to notice that schools didn’t always have time to work with a second photography company to offer candids, but they all offered portraits. She initially resisted offering portraits because she felt it was an oversaturated market and frankly she found the pictures to be extremely boring — “they look like pictures taken at a department store. What does that have to do with school?“.

The first time I spoke to Randy I knew that Snapizzi + ShootProof would be a perfect fit for our high-volume school business.

Mary Beth decided that if she were to enter the school portrait business she would do it in a way that was entirely different than all the rest. SHP2In 2011, after doing some research and talking with other photographers, Kully began offering a modern approach to time-honored school portraits. Since its inception in 2008, Schoolhouse Pictures has grown significantly to include clients in California, D.C, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia!

Then, in the midst of a busy school season, Mary Beth and her team found themselves desperately looking for a better solution for their workflow. Enter Snapizzi.

We asked Mary Beth to share her success story.

What was your previous method for posting images for online sale? FotoVelocity software and ShootProof.

screenshot 2

What were some frustrations you faced in using this method? FotoVelocity worked on PCs only and the barcodes had to be printed and cut out. The upload specs were also outdated and not user-friendly.

How was your experience getting started with Snapizzi? Amazing! Snapizzi stepped in with little notice when FotoVelocity shut down in the middle of our busy season. The first time I spoke to Randy I knew that Snapizzi + ShootProof would be a perfect screenshot 4fit for our high-volume school business. The software is well-designed for high-volume photography. The transition to Snapizzi was very easy.

How has Snapizzi helped you to overcome the challenges you had before? Snapizzi has a much more modern interface, is more flexible, is more user-friendly, and provides more visibility to what is uploaded. It also generates a report of the albums that do not have pictures so that we can tell the schools which students need to be scheduled for a makeup day. Randy is very responsive to our questions and suggestions of new features.

How is it different than other alternatives you’ve tried? Snapizzi’s screenshot 3barcodes provide better information for our photographers. Another great feature is that Snapizzi  Paperless can be used on the photographers’ phones, which saves hours of printing and cutting barcodes, and helps us transition to a completely paperless process. I really like that we can give general ordering instructions to parents and they’re able to easily find their photos on our custom Studio Search Page using just their last name.

What is your favorite feature? Why? My favorite feature is that Snapizzi is web-based rather than residing on individual computers. Now, multiple photographers can access the same school jobs, allowing one person to upload a school’s pictures and another to make changes, when needed, to that same school.

What is the most positive experience you’ve had using Snapizzi? Working with Randy! He is so accessible and open to suggestions screenshot 5that I feel like he is my business partner.

How has Snapizzi helped you achieve your business or personal goals? I used to worry that FotoVelocity would go out of business because of its outdated features and poor technical support. Now I can focus on running and growing my school picture business because I have confidence that Snapizzi is structured for the future and will change with the times as needed.


What would you say to a fellow photographer about Snapizzi? Barcodes are essential to the success and efficiency of a high-volume school picture company. Snapizzi is the solution!

How has your experience been with Snapizzi User Support? Fantastic! The response to any technical issue is immediate.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Snapizzi? Support! Randy is determined to make Snapizzi meet the needs of his clients.

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Miller’s Export and More New Stuff!

We’ve added some new tools and features that we think you’re gonna love! We’ve also made some changes to the Dashboard and Inspector interfaces to help you work even faster. You can learn more about these new features (as well as all the other cool things Snapizzi can do), by visiting our Knowledge Base or by clicking on the name of the tool below.


School Service Items

With one-click, Snapizzi will now assemble everything you need to submit to Miller’s Lab in order to provide School Service Items (ID cards, composites, mug books, etc.).

Add Group Photo

We’ve now made it easy for you to add a group photo to a Project and include in Subject galleries.

Include Photo Series in Another Gallery

You can now easily include a photo series in another gallery. This is useful if you’d like to include siblings or another photo series in a Subject’s gallery.

Ok, we’ll get back to building great things for you now! If you have any questions or suggestions, email We love hearing from you!



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PhotoDeck: Photography Websites with a Brain

PhotoDeck’s mission is to empower independent photographers with the best technology to market and run their business online. We sat down with PhotoDeck Founder J-F Maion to find out what makes PhotoDeck an industry-leading platform:photodeck

1. What about PhotoDeck gets you out of bed in the morning? Knowing that I’ll be able to focus 100% on keeping improving our product and serving our members, as opposed to unproductive chores like pleasing investors (we’re self-financed and profitable) or advertising (we rely on word of mouth).

PhotoDeck Founders Cedric and J-F Maion

2. What about PhotoDeck keeps you up at night? Frankly I sleep very well :D The system is apparently intuitive enough that most members seldom need to contact us. And since we focus on the long-term, we’ve made extra sure that the platform’s technical foundations are rock-solid and that we iron out nagging issues before they grow out of proportion. We haven’t had downtime in years, even for very major updates, that’s pretty unique and significant in our industry. Of course it’s not all 100% in our control so we’re touching wood, but we’re still confident.

3. What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen? Currently we’re working on mitigating the effect of a potential (although unlikely) major Amazon cloud failure (that’s where the image files are stored). That’s a good example of how far we go in securing our members’ data (and our business). We’re also working on a revamp of a major feature set, but all I can tell for now is that it should please Snapizzi users😉

4. What PhotoDeck features are you most proud of? What makes me really proud is when a member writes to tell how much PhotoDeck has made her life better or improved her business, and that can’t be pegged to a single feature.

mobile_ui5. Why should Snapizzi users choose PhotoDeck as their platform? There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to photography websites, but things that come to mind for Snapizzi users are advanced e-commerce with 0% commission, website speed (important for proofing), and of course, full responsiveness (our websites are optimized for mobile devices).

6. Anything else you’d like us to know? Use coupon code PDSNAP and get 50% off your first month in addition to the free 14-day trial (expires July 31st, 2016).

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Finding the Unknown Holes in Your Business

Does your business sometimes feel like a leaky bucket? Listen to Snapizzi Founder, Randy dela Fuente, interviewed on the Sprouting Photographer Podcast with Bryan Caporicci. On it, Randy and Bryan discuss the importance of knowing and understanding the metrics that drive your business. And how to use validated learning to ensure that you’re consistently fine-tuning the Engine of Growth that IS your business.
Randy dela Fuente

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Being objective to look for “leaky holes” in your business.
  • Validated learning as it relates to building the vision for your business.
  • How to find your inefficiencies.
  • Knowing your numbers.
  • Being open vs. being resistant to change.
  • What you need to look at in order to know if your business is sustainable.
  • Costs, prices, assets, time spent, and all the things you need to consider.
  • Thinking about yourself as an employee in your company.
  • What being a creative means about how you can best focus your energy.
  • Making informed decisions with the right tools at your fingertips.
  • How to justify outsourcing things you need to.
You can also listen to Randy’s other appearance on the Sprouting Photographer discussing the Business of High Volume Photography.

The Sprouting Photographer podcast is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with industry experts and business specialists who share high-value, no-fluff, concrete business ideas for professional photographers.